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Clostridium difficile infection objectives

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NHS England has publishes Clostridium difficile infection objectives for acute trusts and clinical commissioning groups for each financial year. These objectives have been calculated on the basis of requiring continuous improvement from all trusts and CCGs, but also reflect a need for organisations with higher rates of infections to do more than those organisations with lower rates. In addition to setting the objectives, NHS England also publishes guidance setting out how commissioners can exercise discretion in deciding whether or not to impose sanctions on providers for breach of their Clostridium difficile objective, allowing them to take into account specific circumstances relating to identified infections in determining whether sanctions are appropriate. 2015/16 Clostridium difficile infection objectives NHS England has published Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) objectives for acute trusts and CCGs for 2015/16. For the previous year NHS England introduced a change in the methodology for calculating these objectives and encouraged commissioners to consider sanctions for breach of CDI objectives only where those CDIs were associated with lapses in care. This approach remains unchanged for 2015/16; however NHS England, working with Public Health England, are providing further guidance on assessing lapses in care. Note – Some of the annex documents have been replaced or renamed since the previous 2014/15 objectives were published so are not like for like. Clostridium difficile infection objectives for NHS organisations in 2015/16 and guidance on sanction implementation (including Annex A, Annex B, Annex D and objectives in Annex E) Annex A – Example assessment process for determining which Clostridium difficile infections are relevant for the application of sanctions Annex B – Clostridium difficile case checklist, Prof. Mark Wilcox on behalf of PHE CDI Lapse in Care Subgroup Annex C –  Example Clostridium difficile infection assessment tool and action plan, adapted from  University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust’s assessment process for CDIs and updated to include Annex B Annex D – Key baseline questions before assessing the effectiveness of Clostridium difficile infection treatment and prevention practices, Department of Health Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections Annex E – 2015/16 Clostridium difficile objectives Data calculations for determining 2015/16 Clostridium difficile objectives
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