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Healthcare associated infection

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Healthcare associated infections are infections that are acquired in hospitals or as a result of healthcare interventions. There are a number of factors that can increase the risk of acquiring an infection, but high standards of infection control practice minimise the risk of occurrence. This web directory includes general information, key documents, and links to: - Practical support Guidance and publications Case studies National updates Contact Details and other related information
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This webpage includes general information, key documents, and links. This web directory contains information and links to: - A plan for action which outlines the two key policy documents (Towards cleaner hospitals and lower rates of infection and Winning Ways) that set out the strategy to improve hospital cleanliness and tackle hospital acquired infection. Related links included. Towards cleaner hospitals and lower rates of infection programmeThe policy documentClean hospitals Think clean day Model cleaning contracts Matron’s charter Cleanyourhands campaignLearning Learning from the best Science summit Directors of Infection prevention and Control A simple guide to MRSA Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus The staphylococcal family What does MRSA cause in patients? Colonisation InfectionsCheck MRSA rates at your local hospital MRSA surveillance system – results Results of the first three and half years of the Department of Health’s mandatory methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) surveillance system in acute Trusts in England National data Interpretation of the dataHealthcare associated infections publications – documents related to HCAI, principally for health professionals Strategy publications Other reports and guidance Health Service Circulars Healthcare associated infection links – websites and DH resources about healthcare associated infectionsExternal websites Controls Assurance Support Unit Health Protection Agency Hospital Infection Society National Patient Safety Agency NHS Estates Association of Medical MicrobiologistsInternal links Clinical governance
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The web directory provides information and policy documents and useful links to organisations involved in tackling the problems of healthcare associated infections
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Healthcare associated infections (infections acquired during a stay in hospital or other healthcare setting) are a serious concern and there is a need for all healthcare staff, patients and their visitors to be well informed of the key issues involved in its prevention and control.

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Strategy/policy documents, reports and guidance, health service circulars and surveillance data plus external links included in web directory

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