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Seven steps to patient safety

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Every day more than a million people are treated safely and successfully in the NHS. However, the advances in technology and knowledge in recent decades have created an immensely complex healthcare system. This complexity brings risks, and evidence shows that things will and do go wrong in the NHS; that patients are sometimes harmed no matter how dedicated and professional the staff. The Seven Steps are core to patient safety in healthcare organisations. Each guide in the series provides a checklist to help staff to plan their activities and measure patient safety performance. Following the Seven Steps will help ensure that the care provided is as safe as possible, and that when things do go wrong the right action is taken. They will also help healthcare organisations to meet clinical governance, risk management and controls assurance targets.   The four Seven Steps guides are listed below. Seven steps to patient safety: full reference guide 01 July 2004 Guidance Seven steps to patient safety in mental health 01 November 2008 Guidance Seven steps to patient safety for primary care 13 February 2009 Guidance Seven steps to patient safety in general practice 01 June 2009 Guidance
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