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Swine flu clinical package

Best practice
The swine flu clinical package is a set of tools for use by frontline healthcare professionals, in severe and exceptional circumstances, during a pandemic situation. This revised version has been updated to reflect changes in the guidance on the use of empirical antibiotics and on oseltamivir prescribing in young children. The package has also been revised and redesigned to clarify the circumstances in which it should be used. PLEASE NOTE: THESE TOOLS AND PATHWAYS ARE FOR USE ONLY WHEN HIGH SURGE DEMAND LEADS TO THE NEED FOR STRICT HOSPITAL ADMISSION TRIAGE IN AFFECTED AREAS. They should not be used when emergency departments and acute admissions units are working with their usual establishment of trained staff, and can operate their usual daily decision pathways, including providing hospital beds for every person fulfilling normal criteria for admission. The tools in the package are designed to support and empower GPs, community nurses, midwives, health visitors, ambulance crews, emergency department doctors, nurses and those working outside their usual specialty area (e.g. junior doctors or surgeons working in influenza cohort wards). The package will assist these health care professionals to assess patients, authorise antiviral medicines, refer those with severe illness or complications, and guide timely management of patients in hospital. These tools will help with the face-to-face application of the guidance Pandemic flu: managing demand and capacity in health care organisations (surge). It is therefore recommended that both documents are read in conjunction with each other. Pandemic flu: managing demand and capacity in health care organisations (surge) http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_098769
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