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Swine flu: Antiviral medicines

Tamiflu and Relenza are safe medicines which help to reduce the effects of the current strain of swine influenza. Like all medicines, Tamiflu and Relenza can cause side effects, but not everyone gets them. The wider prescribing of these medicines in a pandemic situation may reveal rare effects that have not previously been observed. Information on how to use these medicines and a list of the known possible side effects can be found in the patient information leaflet (PIL) and Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) for these products on this web site plus information on: - Tamiflu and Relenza – general information Tamiflu – information for patients (PIL) and healthcare professionals (SPC) Relenza – information for patients (PIL) and healthcare professionals (SPC) What to do if you think you or someone you know has experienced a side effect to Tamiflu or Relenza Reporting suspected side effects to Tamiflu or Relenza following use during pregnancy MHRA publications on Tamiflu and Relenza Counterfeit medicines and the dangers of buying Tamiflu and Relenza on the internet
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