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Template Patient Leaflets on MRSA Screening

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The NHS is now screening all relevant patients for MRSA before planned operations. This will help the NHS reduce the chances of patients getting an MRSA infection, or passing MRSA onto another patient. These template patient leaflets have been developed to assist local areas in their patient communications around this topic. The templates are for illustrative use only. For more information on MRSA Screening watch the commercials being shown across GP surgeries at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=25C65DA6561D717F Download MRSA Screening - What to expect http://www.clean-safe-care.nhs.uk/Documents/090408_MRSA_Screening_What_to_Expect_2.pdf Download MRSA Screening A positive result http://www.clean-safe-care.nhs.uk/Documents/090408_MRSA_screening_positive_2.pdf
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