The NHS operating framework for England for 2010/11 | National Resource for Infection Control (NRIC)

The NHS operating framework for England for 2010/11

Government report
The operating framework for the NHS for 2010/11 sets out the priorities for the NHS for the year ahead to enable them to begin their planning.  For the third year in a row, the national priorities in the operating framework remain the same, providing important stability. The five priorities continue to be: - improving cleanliness and reducing healthcare associated infections; - improving access through achievement of the 18-week referral to treatment pledge and improving access (including at evenings and weekends) to GP services; - keeping adults and children well, improving their health and reducing health inequalities; - improving patient experience, staff satisfaction, and engagement; - preparing to respond in a state of emergency such as an outbreak of pandemic flu, learning from our experience of swine flu. During 2010/11, the NHS must also continue its work to reduce local variation and eliminate poor performance.  
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