The role of healthcare students (England) in pandemic flu - excluding medical students | National Resource for Infection Control (NRIC)

The role of healthcare students (England) in pandemic flu - excluding medical students

Healthcare students can make a helpful contribution to the service during pandemic flu. 1. This guidance covers the potential deployment of nursing, midwifery and other healthcare students. 2. The staff side nationally support this approach in this guidance. 3. The Council of Deans has set out some general principles within which local arrangements should be developed. Most of these have already been agreed at national level. The use of students should follow the principles of this national approach but with scope for local flexibility: • Students currently on placement should stay deployed on their placement. Other students should have the choice to opt in on a voluntary or paid basis • It should be clarified whether the time deployed to support the NHS will count toward practice hours. This will be important for final year students • Students should be required to work only within their competence and their regulatory framework and should be supervised appropriately The required duties should be agreed in advance between the university and the trust • All students should receive full nationally agreed information regarding employment, including the deductions which will take place, health & safety and the working time directive • Students must have access to vaccines and anti-virals in the same way as other staff • Students opting in should have formal, time limited contracts that provide indemnity • There should be a standard national approach but with scope for local flexibility 4. The same approach as outlined above should be taken for other healthcare students, including the option of working in a paid or voluntary capacity with a relevant contract. Local discussion with HEIs, SHAs, employers and local staff sides should take place to assess need and roles. Students who are close to graduation should be approached in the first instance as their knowledge and skills should be at higher level to other students in the earlier part of their studies.
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