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Weekly infections statistics gives power to patients

Surveillance data
As part of the Government’s radical agenda for setting government data free, patients and the public will be given more up-to-date information about their local hospital. Today, the Department of Health is publishing weekly hospital data on MRSA bloodstream infections and C. Difficile between March and May 2010.  Previously, data was only published monthly and by NHS trust.  From early July, infection figures for every NHS hospital in England will be updated on data.gov.uk weekly, giving statistics for each of the previous 12 weeks. Patients are rightly concerned about healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).  Weekly MRSA and C. Difficile data will provide vital information to help them make informed choices about their healthcare.  It will increase transparency and allow people to see how well their hospital is tackling infections and hold them to account over performance. The NHS has already significantly reduced MRSA and C. Difficile but this new move will help to drive up standards to those of the best by giving patients the information they need to compare and choose hospitals.
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