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Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection Programme (WHAIP)

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The Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection Programme team provides independent professional advice about healthcare associated infections to the public and health professionals in Wales, to the Welsh Assembly Government and its advisory committee the Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection sub group, which is overseen by the Chief Medical Officer for Wales. The team also provides national leadership and support for the Welsh Assembly Government’s strategies for Healthcare associated infection and co-ordinates the Welsh National Surveillance Programme for healthcare associated infections. The website includes: - 1. Information on infections for all NHS Trusts in Wales 2. General information about healthcare-associated infections (HCAI) 3. Information about the surveillance programmes that are mandatory in Wales 4. Information on statistical process control charting to explain differences in reporting of surveillance data There are links to e learning, to an A to Z list of HCAI's, the latest news and to external websites containing information about healthcare-associated infections, FAQ's and related subjects There is also a facility to give feedback on the site
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