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About iNRIC

The International Resource for Infection Control (iNRIC) brings together the best available on-line evidence-based, quality-tagged resources on infection prevention and control. A key benefit of iNRIC is the reviewer's assessments attached to documents within the library.

Ten years on NRIC Becomes iNRIC (16 October 2015)

  1. As in the past our community of users have driven what we provide and increasingly required policy, guidance and research from a global perspective. It became clear that a website that made searching for and sharing international evidence in infection prevention and control, infectious diseases and public health was a priority
  2. A research grant "NRIC meets ICAN" enabled us to reach out to our international colleagues including a survey of the infection prevention and control information needs of healthcare staff in Africa and an expansion of the evidence-based resources on iNRIC to support infection control professionals with local resources at the point of care in Africa.

The National Resource for Infection Control(NRIC) has a new home (University College London UCL) and has received a ‘face-lift’ using  new cutting edge technology and re-launched as the ‘International Resource for Infection Control’ (iNRIC)

Over time as global collaboration and communication has increased in the fight against infection prevention and control and infectious diseases on a global level collaboration with colleagues in this specialist field has developed and a wider range of international guidelines and documents will be added to the digital library

The new website has ‘gone live’ during International Infection Prevention Week 19 – 24 October 2015 and will continue to provide an internet based digital library to keep pace with changes globally and real time data for research and analysis of needs plus a possible future platform for use of social computing and Web 2.0 wiki technology for collaborative work by healthcare professionals

The website aimed at Infection Prevention and Control professionals, trainees and all healthcare staff who require up-to-date evidence-based information in infection prevention and control and the infectious disease domain remains freely available to all

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