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About the Rapid Review Panel

Best practice
The Rapid Review Panel (RRP) has been convened by the HPA at the request of The Department of Health. This was outlined in Winning Ways and Towards cleaner hospitals and lower rates of infection The panel provides a prompt assessment of new and novel equipment, materials, and other products or protocols that may be of value to the NHS in improving hospital infection control and reducing hospital acquired infections. The panel will not conduct evaluations of products but will review information and evidence provided and make recommendations to the Department of Health. It is not within the remit of the RRP to clinically evaluate or undertake the evaluation of products within the NHS. It is for the manufacturer to initiate and complete such trials/evaluations. Furthermore it is not within the remit of the panel to influence procurement and the 'uptake' of products into the NHS once recommendations are formulated. The RRP is an independent arms-length review panel that does not have a role in the procurement of products in the NHS and does not 'champion' specific products once evaluated.
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