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Advice from the H1N1 Critical Care Clinical Group

Letter introducing documents prepared by the Clinical Group to support the NHS in ensuring that critical care arrangements are strengthened during both the current H1N1 pandemic and any future, potentially more serious, pandemic strain. As part of the work to help the NHS in England respond to the demands placed on it by the H1N1 pandemic, a Critical Care Clinical Group (CCCG) was set up chaired by Dr Judith Hulf, CBE the former president of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. The other members of this group include medical, nursing and NHS management colleagues as well as representatives of the British Association of Critical Care Nurses, the British Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Paediatric Intensive Care Society and the Intensive Care Society. The terms of reference of this group include offering advice on how the NHS should best surge adult and paediatric critical care capacity, as well as considering and advising on management, staffing, equipment, medicines and consumables issues associated with the increase in demand for critical care services to help front line staff deliver these services in a surge situation.
Ian DaltonNational Director of NHS Flu ResilienceDepartment of Health