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Doing, supporting and using public health research

This document sets out PHE’s commitment to research, development and innovation; the steps it will take, alone or with partners, to do research, to support research and to use evidence from research. it publishes prioritiesi indicating that ‘new evidence and new knowledge…could transform the scope of public health’ and making a commitment to ensure that ‘credible, evidence-based advice is available on the key issues relating to the public’s health’. PHE research, development and innovation activities will enable it to do that. PHE will focus on securing improvements against 7 priorities: • tackling obesity, particularly among children • reducing smoking and stopping children starting • reducing harmful drinking and alcohol-related hospital admissions • ensuring every child has the best start in life • reducing the risk of dementia, its incidence and prevalence in 65-75 year olds • tackling the growth in antimicrobial resistance • achieving a year-on-year decline in tuberculosis incidence
PHE Last updated 18 August 2015