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Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)

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The website provides links to: - General Information Guidelines Epidemiological Data: Healthcare Associated Infections HCAI Departments AND Related Information - latest additions 18 October 2013: » Voluntary surveillance of Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Serratia and Citrobacter spp. bacteraemia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 2012 18 October 2013: » Voluntary surveillance of Enterococcus spp. bacteraemia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 2012 October 2013: » New Norovirus prevention poster A new leaflet is available to download and place into health and GP settings. It provides helpful advice to prevent highly infectious norovirus from spreading, aka the 'winter vomiting bug', over the colder months. Norovirus is transmitted by contact with contaminated surfaces, an infected person, or consumption of contaminated food or water. 20 September 2013: » Voluntary surveillance of candidaemia, England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 2012 12 September 2013: » Quarterly Epidemiological Commentary: Trends in MRSA bacteraemia, MSSA bacteraemia, E. coli bacteraemia and C. difficile infection: data up to April - June 2013  02 Aug 2013: » Spatial proximity as a driver for norovirus transmission during hospital outbreaks 19 July 2013: » Voluntary surveillance of Pseudomonas spp. and Stenotrophomonas spp. causing bacteraemia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 2012 11 July 2013: » Annual MRSA bacateraemia, MSSA bacteraemia, E.coli bacteraemia and Clostridium difficile infection data tables by acute Trust, Primary Care Organisation (PCO) and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
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The web directory includes sections which link to: -·Updates Consultations, reports, guidance, and evaluations that have recently been published or undertaken·A menu General information on healthcare associated infection (HCAI) Information on Laboratory services such as monitoring reference labs Guidelines on HCAI’s, hepatitis C, CJD/BSE, Infection control and position papers Publications Links to other organisations Information on the Steering Group on Healthcare-associated Infection·Epidemiological data Bacteraemia and antibiotic resistance, Surgical Site Infection Surveillance·Related topics Antimicrobial resistance, bacteraemia, c difficile, norovirus, occupational exposure and blood borne virusesThe web directory is the link to the Health Protection Agency’s documents, consultations and working groups
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The web directory is the link to the Health Protection Agency’s documents, consultations, working groups and surveillance results.
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1. Department of health Web Directory healthcare associated infection documents, reports and guidance, and surveillance data plus external links included in web directory and other guidance can be found by following links to other organisations websites.

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