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Antimicrobial resistance describes the ability of a micro-organism to resist the action of antimicrobial drugs. This is important as it can make the treatment of infections more difficult and increase hospital costs.   Undertaking laboratory testing of organisms causing infections can play a role in deciding the most effective treatment options. This Web Directory links to related topics and recent updates
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This web directory contains information on: - Related topics Bacteraemia Healthcare-associated infections Helicobacter pylori Staphylococcus aureus Streptococcal infections TuberculosisMenu General information(Wired for Health Fact sheet) Advice and guidance 0 Antibiotic resistance Laboratory Services – Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring and Reference Laboratory Publications Links Steering Group on Healthcare-associated InfectionLatest antimicrobial resistance data Report: Antimicrobial Resistance in 2000: England and Wales European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (EARSS) Gonococcal Resistance to Antimicrobials Surveillance programme (GRASP) Bacteraemias and antibiotic resistance
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The web directory can be used to access information on the Health Protection Agency website on antimicrobial resistance, data and related topics
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Antimicrobial resistance describes the ability of a micro-organism to resist the growth-suppressing or microbicidal effects of particular antimicrobial agents.

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