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Influenza Factsheet (seasonal)

Factsheet, Public leaflet
This online factsheet provides information about influenza in the developed and developing world, including an overview, the virus, pandemic influenza, transmission, diagnosis, prevention, influenza vaccines, treatment and prophylaxis: antiviral agents
World Health Organization (WHO)
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The Factsheet provides an overview of influenza, seasonal epidemics and its effects on the populations in the developed and developing world. There is a brief description of the present circulating viruses.Pandemic influenza its transmission, diagnosis, prevention (influenza vaccine) treatment and prophylaxis (antiviral agents) are summarized and contact details for further information are provided.
Questions Addressed:
The Factsheet provides an overview of influenza, pandemic influenza, transmission, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.
Type of Study:
Factsheet, Public information
Methods Valid:
Methods Valid Detail:

Useful fact sheet with information for the general public

Results Reliability:
Yes: Brief outline only but useful for health professionals who need to explain pandemic flu to patients and the general public for further information see references
Problems or Biases:

Brief outline only for further more in-depth information see references

Relevant Studies:

1. Health protection Agency: General Information on avian influenza

Influenza pandemic flu
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Sue Wiseman
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Nurse Consultant –Infection Control, DH
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Member Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens Health Protection Adviser Royal College of Nursing P/T Member Infection Control Nurses Association