Rapid risk assessment: Chikungunya outbreak in Caribbean region | National Resource for Infection Control (NRIC)

Rapid risk assessment: Chikungunya outbreak in Caribbean region

Surveillance data
Possible risk for local transmission of chikungunya in Europe in areas where the mosquito species, potential vectors of chikungunya, are present, need of personal protection measures for travellers, suggested preparedness and prevention measures in EU, are the main conclusions an ECDC risk assessment issued today. Autochthonous transmission from an imported chikungunya case during the summer season in the EU is possible, assesses ECDC. The risk is linked to importation of virus by infected patients in areas with competent vectors (the mosquito species that can carry chikungunya: Aedes albopictus on mainland Europe and Aedes aegypti – in Madeira): exposure to infected mosquitoes is the principal risk for infection in currently affected areas. In addition, travellers returning from outbreak areas should seek medical care if presenting with chikungunya symptoms and apply personal protection measures to avoid mosquito bites.