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Surgical site is the incision or cut in the skin made by a surgeon to carry out a surgical procedure and the tissue handled or manipulated during the procedure. A surgical site infection occurs when micro-organisms get into the part of the body that has been operated on and multiply in the tissues. What's new May 2013: » Inter-hospital comparison of rates of surgical site infection following caesarean section delivery [external link]  7 December 2012: » Surveillance of Surgical Site Infections in NHS hospitals in England 2011/12 1 August 2012: » New study on surgical site infections following caesarean section
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The Surgical Site Infection Surveillance Service (SSISS) web page provides information on the service and the scheme which encourages hospitals (both NHS and private) to use surveillance to improve the quality of patient care by collecting and analysing data on surgical site infections using standardised methods. It also provides national data that can be used by trusts as benchmarking. The web directory contains information on: -General Information Surgical site infection (SSI)- FAQ’s Surveillance – background history and development of the service Monitoring surgical wounds for infection – information leaflet for patientsSurgical Site Infection Surveillance Service (SSISS) – key objectives and what the service offers Surgical Site Surveillance Service (SSISS) Information on mandatory surveillance of orthopaedic categories – commenced 1st April 2004 Surveillance methodology How to participate in SSISS Submitting data Surgical site infection surveillance protocol SSISS Training Days Frequently Asked Questions about SSISS Surveillance Contact detailsData NINSS Surveillance of Surgical Site Infection in English Hospitals 1997-2002 Surgical Site Infection Surveillance in England – Summary of data from October 1997 to December 2003 National aggregated data on SSIReports and Publications Guidelines on measures to prevent SSI PublicationsThe service provides a flexible system of surveillance to enable hospitals to participate for a minimum three month period in one or more of 12 defined categories of surgical procedures
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The web directory provides the information hospitals need to become familiar with the systems provided by the SSISS to enable them to undertake surgical site infection at a local level and benchmark against national aggregated data.
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An SSI can occur when bacteria from the skin, other parts of the body, another person or the environment/equipment enter a surgical incision and multiply in the tissues

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Information/policy documents/SSIS methodology/national data, patient information and related internal and external links are included in the web directory

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