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The Scottish Patient Safety Programme

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The Scottish Patient Safety Programme builds on work that is already taking place through the UK Safer Patients Initiative. The objective of the ground-breaking Scottish Patient Safety Programme is to steadily improve the safety of hospital care right across the country. This will be achieved by using evidence-based tools and techniques to improve the reliability and safety of everyday health care systems and processes. Real-time data will be gathered unit-by-unit, and the staff caring directly for patients will lead the changes required to achieve the aims of the Programme Over the next five years, steps will be taken to: - Ensure early interventions for deteriorating patients - Deliver evidence-based care to prevent deaths from heart attack - Prevent adverse drug events - Prevent central line infections - Prevent surgical site infections - Prevent ventilator associated pneumonia - Prevent pressure ulcers - Reduce staphylococcus aureus (MRSA plus MSSA) infection - Prevent harm from high alert medications - Reduce surgical complications - Deliver evidence-based care for congestive heart failure - Drive a change in the safety culture in NHS organisations
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