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Progress report on the UK 5 year AMR strategy: 2016

Government report
Annual progress report, 2016 This report is aimed at Patients and the public, clinical professionals, NHS and Social Care managers, primary and secondary care prescribers, other professionals, healthcare workers, veterinary healthcare workers, agricultural sector workers The third annual progress report describes the activities and achievements in the third year of implementation of the UK 5 year antimicrobial resistance (AMR) strategy 2013 to 2018, including significant international achievements. The UK AMR strategy represents an ambitious programme to slow the development and spread of AMR, taking a ‘One Health’ approach spanning people, animals, agriculture and the wider environment. The report sets out progress made in 2016, and notes that for the remaining 2 years of the strategy, the programme will focus on delivery of the government’s ambitions set out in response to the review on AMR led by Lord O’Neill. These include ambitions to halve certain types of infection and the inappropriate use of antibiotics.
The report is published on behalf of the interdepartmental high-level steering group responsible for overseeing delivery of the UK AMR strategy
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