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Africa Telecoms Outlook

The use of data services is growing strongly in Africa, along with data revenues, fueled by factors such as the continent’s improved international connectivity, the rollout of mobile broadband networks and the increasing availability of low-cost smartphones. This expansion in data use is creating new business opportunities on the continent, not only in providing connectivity, but also in offering digital services including mobile financial services, e-commerce and digital content. Africa is already a world leader in mobile money, but now we are also seeing developments such as the rapid growth in online shopping in Nigeria, and a proliferation of digital ventures and services. This report sets out our views at Informa Telecoms & Media about some of the key developments in the data and digital services market in Africa, and the opportunities that are opening up as a result. The report also incorporates our findings from a survey that we conducted recently, focusing on the industry’s views on digital trends in Africa. Respondents revealed a keen interest in digital services, with half of them agreeing strongly that it is important for operators in Africa to seize digital opportunities now.
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