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Recently added

12/08/2015 Changes to arrangements for regulating NHS bodies in relation to healthcare associated infections for 2009/10 – A consultation for the NHS (Comments by 20 october 2008)[CLOSED]
12/08/2015 Changes to the Meningococcal C conjugate (MenC) vaccine schedule 2013 Q&As for healthcare practitioners
12/08/2015 Changes to the meningococcal C conjugate (MenC) vaccine schedule 2013 to 2014: advice for healthcare professionals
12/08/2015 Changing the Culture 2010 - Strategic regional action plan for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in Northern Ireland
12/08/2015 Changing the Culture: Infection Control Nursing in Northern Ireland, A Way Forward
12/08/2015 Chickenpox in adults - Clinical management
12/08/2015 Chickenpox in Pregnancy
12/08/2015 Chickenpox in Pregnancy: What you need to know
12/08/2015 Chikungunya Communication Toolkit 2008
12/08/2015 Decontamination of surgical instruments (HTM 01-01)
12/08/2015 Decontamination of linen for health and social care (HTM 01-04)
12/08/2015 Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedures 01-06: Decontamination of flexible endoscopes
12/08/2015 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (updated)
12/08/2015 Classification and Minimum Standards for Foreign Medical Teams in Sudden Onset Disasters
12/08/2015 Floods – how to clean up your home safely
12/08/2015 Cleanliness audit of clinical surfaces and equipment: who cleans what?
12/08/2015 Clean, Safe Care
12/08/2015 Clean, safe care: Reducing infections and saving lives
12/08/2015 Climate change and communicable diseases in the EU Member States
12/08/2015 Clinical Action Cards for Healthcare Professionals
12/08/2015 Clinical Governance in the new NHS. HSC 1999/065
12/08/2015 Clinical guidelines for Immunoglobulin Use (Second Edition)
12/08/2015 Clinical guidelines for patients with an influenza like illness during an influenza pandemic (2006)
12/08/2015 Clinical management of human infection with pandemic (H1N1) 2009: revised guidance
12/08/2015 Clinical Practice Guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America for the Treatment of Methicillin-Resistant StaphylococcusAureus Infections in Adults and Children
12/08/2015 Clinical Practice Guidelines for Clostridium difficile Infection in Adults: 2010 Update by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)
12/08/2015 Clinical Professionals Brief on Swine Flu Vaccination
12/08/2015 Closing the Quality Gap: A Critical Analysis of Quality Improvement Strategies
12/08/2015 Clostridioides difficile: guidance, data and analysis
12/08/2015 Clostridium difficile Associated Disease in a Setting of Endemicity: Identification of Novel Risk Factors.