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15/08/2018 One Together partnership
15/08/2018 Antimicrobial resistance: roundtable summary report
15/08/2018 Progress report on the UK 5 year AMR strategy: 2016
14/08/2018 Infection Control Management for Health and Social Care
14/08/2018 Helping to prevent infection A quick guide for managers and staff in care homes
14/08/2018 Care homes: infection prevention and control
09/08/2018 Guidelines for the Screening Care and Treatment of Persons with Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
09/08/2018 Health building Note 00-02: Sanitary spaces
08/08/2018 Safe water in healthcare premises (HTM 04-01)
08/08/2018 Rapid risk assessment: Zika virus disease epidemic. 10th update, 4 April 2017
08/08/2018 ECDC policy briefing - Preparing for Zika in the EU
12/08/2015 Zoonoses Report UK 2012
12/08/2015 Zero Tolerance to Non Hand Hygiene Compliance
12/08/2015 Your School Nursing Service
12/08/2015 Your 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene
12/08/2015 Yellow fever
12/08/2015 Worldwide country situation analysis: response to antimicrobial resistance
12/08/2015 World Malaria Report 2012
12/08/2015 World Health Statistics 2012
12/08/2015 World health report 2013: Research for universal health coverage
12/08/2015 Working together to prevent and control infections: A study of the arrangements for infection prevention and control between hospitals and care homes
12/08/2015 Working Party Guidance on the Control of MultiResistant Acinetobacter Outbreaks
12/08/2015 Working Party Guidance on the Control of multi-resistant Acinetobacter Outbreaks (2006)
12/08/2015 Working Group to Address the Needs of Those Potentially Exposed to a Blood-Borne Virus (Second Report) Advice to the Scottish Executive on protecting font-line workers and victims of crime from blood-borne viral infections and from anxiety about them
12/08/2015 Workforce planning in pathology toolkit
12/08/2015 Wipe it out RCN Campaign
12/08/2015 Wipe it out Campaign Web Directory and publications.
12/08/2015 Winning ways – working together to reduce healthcare acquired infection. Report from CMO
12/08/2015 WHO: Tools for training and education
12/08/2015 Whooping Cough (Pertussis) - NHS Immunisation website