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12/08/2015 DFES Guidance to Schools and Childrens services on Planning for a human Influenza (flu) Pandemic
12/08/2015 Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment of Catheter–Associated Urinary Tract Infection in Adults: 2009 International Clinical Practice Guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America
12/08/2015 Diagnostic testing for Clostridium difficile infection
12/08/2015 Diarrhoea: why children are still dying and what can be done
12/08/2015 Directors of public health: roles and responsibilities guidance
12/08/2015 Directory of online resources for prevention and control of antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections
12/08/2015 Dirty hands: bacteria of faecal origin on commuters' hands
12/08/2015 Dispensing of antibiotics without prescription in Greece, 2008: another link in the antibiotic resistance chain
12/08/2015 Disposable Gloves: Use and Management
12/08/2015 Distribution of TSE infectivity in human tissues and body fluids - Annexe A1 and A2 in 'Minimise transmission risk of CJD and vCJD in healthcare settings'
12/08/2015 Diverse Sources of C. difficile Infection Identified on Whole-Genome Sequencing
12/08/2015 Doing, supporting and using public health research
12/08/2015 Early estimates of seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness in Europe among target groups for vaccination: results from the I-MOVE multicentre case–control study, 2011/12
12/08/2015 Early estimates of seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness in Europe, 2010/11: I-MOVE, a multicentre case–control study
12/08/2015 Early Management of Suspected Bacterial Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia in Adults
12/08/2015 Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidance
12/08/2015 Ebola virus disease: information for humanitarian aid workers
12/08/2015 Ebola: managing patients who require assessment in primary care -This publication was withdrawn on 21 June 2018 -For current advice on Ebola see the Ebola collection
12/08/2015 ECDC Forward look risk assessment (Update 28 October 2010): Likely scenarios and uncertainties in the 2010/2011 influenza season in Europe and beyond
12/08/2015 Regional situation assessment - Seasonal influenza, 2019–2020
12/08/2015 ECDC Guidance: investigation and control of TB incidents affecting children in congregate settings
12/08/2015 ECDC tutorial on 'Critical aspects of the safe use of personal protective equipment' Superceded by 'Safe use of personal protective equipment in the treatment of infectious diseases of high consequence'
12/08/2015 ECDC: Excellence in prevention and control of infectious diseases
12/08/2015 Educational innovation for infection control in Tanzania: bridging the policy to practice gap
12/08/2015 Effect of antibiotic prescribing in primary care on antimicrobial resistance in individual patients: systematic review and meta-analysis
12/08/2015 Clostridium difficile: infection and infection prevention through hygiene in the home
12/08/2015 Cluster of new influenza A(H1N1) cases in travellers returning from Scotland to Greece – community transmission within the European Union?
12/08/2015 Clusters of infectious diseases in German nursing homes – observations from a prospective infection surveillance study, October 2008 to August 2009
12/08/2015 Collaborative tuberculosis strategy for England: 2015 to 2020
12/08/2015 Colour coding hospital cleaning materials and equipment