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12/08/2015 Swine influenza: how to spot the disease and report it
12/08/2015 Swine flu: preventing spread in the home and community
12/08/2015 Systematic literature review to examine the evidence for the effectiveness of interventions that use theories and models of behaviour change: towards the prevention and control of communicable diseases
12/08/2015 Seasonal influenza vaccination in Europe – Vaccination recommendations and coverage rates, 2012–13
12/08/2015 Seasonal influenza vaccination of children and pregnant women
12/08/2015 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake amongst frontline healthcare workers in England 2010/11
12/08/2015 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake amongst GP Patient Groups in England 2010/11
12/08/2015 Seasonal influenza vaccine uptake and vaccine supply
12/08/2015 Second annual meeting of the invasive bacterial diseases surveillance network in Europe
12/08/2015 Ninth external quality assurance scheme for Salmonella typing
12/08/2015 Sensitivity and specificity of the user-seal-check in determining the fit of N95 respirators
12/08/2015 Sepsis - CDC Website
12/08/2015 Severe Clostridium difficile – Associated Disease in Populations Previously at Low Risk – Four States, 2005
12/08/2015 Sexually transmitted infections in Europe 1990–2009
12/08/2015 Sexually Transmitted Infections in Europe 1990-2010
12/08/2015 Sexually transmitted infections in Europe 2011
12/08/2015 Sexually Transmitted Infections: UK National Screening and Testing Guidelines
12/08/2015 SHEA Guideline for Management of Healthcare Workers Who Are Infected with Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, and/or Human Immunodeficiency Virus
12/08/2015 Shigella: infection and infection prevention through hygiene in the home
12/08/2015 Shingles vaccination factsheet for healthcare professionals
12/08/2015 Showcase hospitals local technology review reports
12/08/2015 Showcase Hospitals report number nine: Sage two per cent chlorhexidine gluconate cloth
12/08/2015 Significant impact of terminal room cleaning with bleach on reducing nosocomial Clostridium difficile
12/08/2015 Small pharmacies are more likely to dispense antibiotics without a medical prescription than large pharmacies in Catalonia, Spain
12/08/2015 Smartphone application for antibiotic prescribing - Showcase Hospitals Local Technology Review Report number 6
12/08/2015 Sources of UK flu data
12/08/2015 Specification for the planning, application, measurement and review of cleanliness services in hospitals (PAS 5748:2014)
12/08/2015 Spotlight on measles 2010: Ongoing measles outbreak in Greece, January–July 2010
12/08/2015 Spotlight: Seasonal influenza 
12/08/2015 Spotlight: Surveillance - Data for action