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20/07/2020 Cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in the context of COVID-19
20/07/2020 Cleaning your workplace to reduce risk from coronavirus (COVID-19)
20/07/2020 COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings outside the home
08/07/2020 Coming to the UK for seasonal agricultural work on English farms
06/07/2020 COVID-19: guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable
03/07/2020 COVID-19: guidance for taking swab samples
19/06/2020 Guidance COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE)
19/06/2020 Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CDC
19/06/2020 Personal Protective Equipment for Preventing Highly Infectious Diseases Due to Exposure to Contaminated Body Fluids in Healthcare Staff
10/06/2020 IPS Training Package for Care Homes (with voice-over)
10/06/2020 Interactive IPS Training Package for COVID-19
05/06/2020 Health technical memoranda
05/06/2020 DH health building notes
05/06/2020 COVID-19 Advice and Guidance (Infection Prevention Society)
22/05/2020 Wearing a face mask or face covering in “out of healthcare” settings to reduce risks of transmission of COVID19 infection
22/05/2020 “Wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitizer” – what does this actually mean for you?
18/05/2020 Infection prevention and control and preparedness for COVID-19 in healthcare settings - third update
18/05/2020 Rapid risk assessment: Paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome and SARS -CoV-2 infection in children
13/05/2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19): hospital discharge service requirements
11/05/2020 COVID-19 content from HIS journals
11/05/2020 The Covid-19 Resource Centre - Lancet
11/05/2020 Specialty guides for patient management - NHS England and NHS Improvement coronavirus
11/05/2020 NHS England and NHS Improvement coronavirus - Secondary care
05/05/2020 Ten Immediate WASH Actions in Healthcare Facilities to Respond to COVID-19
05/05/2020 Handwashing Compendium for Low Resource Settings: A Living Document
28/04/2020 Antimicrobial resistance: Health Education England
28/04/2020 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID19)
23/04/2020 OpenWHO
23/04/2020 Protecting lifesaving immunization services during COVID-19: New guidance from WHO