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22/09/2020 Advancements and trends in digital game‐based learning research: a review of publications in selected journals from 2001 to 2010
22/09/2020 A North/South collaboration between two national public health institutes – A model for global health protection
22/09/2020 Africa Telecoms Outlook
22/09/2020 Occupational aspects of hepatitis
22/09/2020 Educational innovation for infection control in Tanzania: bridging the policy to practice gap
22/09/2020 Preparedness for admission of patients with suspected Ebola virus disease in European hospitals
22/09/2020 The impact of specially designed digital games-based learning in undergraduate pathology and medical education
22/09/2020 A Randomized Controlled Trial on Teaching Geriatric Medical Decision Making and Cost Consciousness With the Serious Game GeriatriX
22/09/2020 National evidence-based guidelines for preventing healthcare-associated infections in nhs hospitals in england
22/09/2020 Bringing Game-Based Learning to Scale: The Business Challenges of Serious Games
22/09/2020 Integrating Domain Experts in Educational Game Authoring: A Case Study
22/09/2020 A critical review of simulation-based medical education research: 2003-2009
22/09/2020 Model-checking for adventure videogames
22/09/2020 Health-care-associated infection in Africa: a systematic review
22/09/2020 Usability Inspection Methods
22/09/2020 Knowledge, attitude and practice of standard precautions of infection control by hospital workers in two tertiary hospitals in Nigeria
22/09/2020 Evolution of the Global Use of Unsafe Medical Injections
22/09/2020 Improving compliance with hand hygiene in hospitals
22/09/2020 Improving Adherence to Hand Hygiene Practice: A Multidisciplinary Approach
22/09/2020 Handwashing and risk of respiratory infections: A quantitative systematic review
22/09/2020 The impact of video games on training surgeons in the 21st century
22/09/2020 NUCLEO: Adaptive Computer Supported Collaborative Learning in a Role Game Based Scenario
22/09/2020 Infection Prevention and Control in the Long-Term-Care Facility
22/09/2020 Designing Games to Effect Social Change
22/09/2020 Occupational transmission of hepatitis C in healthcare workers and factors associated with seroconversion: UK surveillance data
22/09/2020 Introducing Educational Games in the Learning Process
22/09/2020 The effects of computer games on primary school students’ achievement and motivation in geography learning
22/09/2020 Infection control knowledge and practices related to HIV among Nigerian dentists
22/09/2020 International study of the prevalence and outcomes of infection in intensive care units
22/09/2020 Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in Inpatient Hospital Settings: A Systematic Review